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A recent survey found Bestboard edging closer to the range of impressive performance, especially with the outstanding support of P-Cap and EMR dual touch feature, where EMR Touch, moniker Elector-Magnetic Resonance Touch, is a technology that consolidates the position of the active pen and the pressure administered over it to achieve the effect of native handwriting. Such a feature allows users to write and draw on electronic screen as they would usually do over physical papers, and hence create a phenomenal user experience.
Below is the detailed explanation as to how the EMR Touch of Bestboard works and what many benefits should come with it.
I. How EMR Touch Works
Sinocan is a long-term supplier of various touch-enabled display products, with a full supply chain that adds up to a solid technology resource pool. With such a resource pool, EMR Touch is simply a combination of technologies such as Active Pen, Sensor Film, and Control Board.
The Sensor Film can be considered as a very large antenna, over which an Electro Magnetic field is created by the signal emitted from the Control Board. As the Active Pen comes to work within the activation range, the Electro Magnetic field of the Active Pen interacts with that of the Sensor Film and changes what is received by the Control Board. This is acknowledged as the presence of an Active Pen and hence triggers a touch event. While in motion, all these corresponding signals are collected and calculated to recover the trail of the Active Pen travelling through the screen.
The pressure on the tip of Active Pen also comes into the play. The Electro Magnetic field of the Active Pen will respond to this pressure signal throughout this interaction. So is the signal back to the Control Board. Pen-tip pressure hence becomes one of the signals in the recovery of Active Pen trail, especially with the multiple levels to such an extent.
The native handwriting effect is implemented by calculating the tilting angle and motion speed to model various writing patterns that simulate the handwriting of human hand.
Also, multiple-pen mode can be enabled by differentiating the working frequency of different Active Pens, and allows multiple handwriting in different colors by multiple users.
II. Comparison of different Touch Technology
Compared with IR Touch, P-Cap Touch and EMR Touch have not been widely deployed on large-sized display. Owing to its costly nature and intricate technology against IR Touch, deployment of P-Cap Touch has been struggling at the very early phase for a long while. Yet such a predicament has been upset by heaps of implementations over smartphone and tablet, and almost all users collect plenty of user experiences with such a technology. That being said, it is fair enough to anticipate a future P-Cap Touch trend.
An equal pinched coverage is also found with EMR Touch, however with different constraints such as limited popularity and patent intricacy. Despite all these slights, EMR Touch is still the best choice for those users after the exquisite handwriting quality. Thus, P-Cap Touch and EMR Touch are indeed alternating on the list of advantage.
Features IR Touch P-Cap Touch EMR Touch
Stability (Lifespan) Average Average High
Impact to glass Transmittance None Small None
Pressure Activation None None Yes
Price Low High Average
Resolution Low Average High
Way of Touch Any Opaque Object Metallic Pen Tip
Finger Tip
Active Pen
Sustainability against interference Vulnerable Less Vulnerable Strong
Front Surface With Frames Full-Lamination Full-Lamination
Response Time Slow Average Fast
Multiple Touch 20-point 40-point Up to 4 Active Pens
Accuracy Low Average High
Mechanical Design Easy Average Complicated

III. Advantages for Promotion and Application
Such a Bestboard, propped with EMR Touch and P-Cap Touch, plus the integration of Full-Lamination Bonding Technology, comes with the bragging super-slim 17mm thickness and stylish elegance, with provision of functions such as Digital Whiteboard, Wireless Screen Sharing, Remote Video Conference, as well as other user experiences over many meeting-related applications, through the incorporation of multiple resources that set the foundation of such high-end high-quality product with very competitive price.
There has been a plan to optimize user experience over Bestboard, where P-Cap Touch is opted to control most navigation operations, and EMR Touch is a dedicated interface for handwriting. This should open up the door to the world of instant annotation, handwriting and content saving, anytime and anywhere, and preventing any cross interaction between the two scenarios. Other than the above good to go features found with Bestboard, users are welcome to perform instant switching between P-Cap Touch and EMR Touch at Digital Whiteboard mode to ensure the user operations are fully supported.
Bestboard brings in excellent user experiences, thanks to the native handwriting, sensitive response, high accuracy, and instant pen-tip trail. This enables massive deployment of paperless office, electronic signature, and elaborate drawing in various fields such as commercial, education, healthcare, and office. All these make Bestboard the number one choice of all.
Wendy cs