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A market booming in the field of interactive meeting platform emerged in 2018. With IT industry regulated by government and the launch of smart city projects, plus the innovation of commercial display products and various technology advances, the future display market remains as broad as an ocean for everybody to pose himself. Some tips are to be found in Forrester research where 138% ROI is reachable in the wake of using interactive meeting platform in a business. As cultivated under the conceivable IoT and intelligent community, the looming new generation of 5G and 8K, and also the uprising large-sized display improvement, this 2019 market seems to come distinctive.
In 2019, Sinocan brings in Bestboard for such a market. Bestboard is every high quality but a proportional price. Users are offered with intelligent meeting experience from a total solution with perfect C/P ratio, and hence surf through to a new page of their corporate.
So, what can we expect from Bestboard?

1. Implementation of Full-Lamination Bonding on 86” Display

With years of technical experience in meeting platform, Sinocan has advanced massive amount of investment to complete Full-Lamination Bonding out of various of predicaments such as intricate production, severity of manufacturing environment, low yield rate and high repair cost, etc., and launched the Full-Lamination Bonding Bestboard series (largest size as 86”) in 2019. This renewed the legacy bonding technology, removed the air gap between display and protection glass, improved the display quality with features such as moisture-free, anti-fog, dust-free and abrasion resistance, and maintained a high reliability with better sensitivity on pen-tip motion and pressure level, especially for large-sized product.

Full-Lamination Bonding is on the surge of development and is ushering significant differences, compared with legacy bonding technology. Full-Lamination constitutes higher degree of grey scale and image quality with the capability of presenting crystal-clear content even in outdoors strong light. Full-Lamination Bonding certainly comes with humps to throttle the advances, and the challenge unfortunately grows with the display size. Thus, the overall quality and cost control is determined by what keeps Bestboard ahead of others.

2. Full-Lamination Announces The Leading 1.7mm Compactness

With Full-Lamination technology, Bestboard was launched with the slimmest compactness down to only 1.7mm as well as the outstanding 89% screen-to-body ratio, thanks to the super slim edge design. However, slenderness does not at all correspond to vulnerability. Bestboard is well known by the 4K HD display, 800M Pixel Camera, IPS Panel, 350 cd/m2 brightness and 3840*2160 resolution.
3. Glistering EMR and P-Cap Dual Touch

User experience over Bestboard has been optimized by opting P-Cap Touch to control most navigation/control operations, and EMR Touch as a dedicated interface for handwriting. This should open up the door to the world of instant annotation, handwriting and content saving, anytime and anywhere, and preventing any cross interaction between the two scenarios. Other than the above good to go features found on Bestboard, users are welcome to perform instant switching between P-Cap Touch and EMR Touch at Digital Whiteboard mode.

Wherein, EMR Touch, moniker Elector-Magnetic Resonance Touch, is a technology that consolidates the position of the active pen and the pressure administered over it to achieve the effect of native handwriting. Such a feature allows users to write and draw on electronic screen as they would usually do over physical papers, and hence create a phenomenal user experience.

Advantages of deploying EMR + P-Cap Touch can be found as higher stability, less environment-afflicted (such as dust/object/Electric-Magnetic field/water and vapor/strong light), better accuracy, short response time, more supported touch points, 1024 pressure levels, 50,000 hours life span, anti-false-touch in writing, supporting dual pen native handwriting in different colors, 0.5m accuracy and 0.04s response time.

4. Android 8.0 and Windows 10 Dual OS

Bestboard Windows 10 and Android 8.0 are seamlessly built in Bestboard on the basis of 6-core CPU, 4GB memory and 32GB eMMC storage, which reinforce Bestboard with stability, easiness, and promptness. This has been a further extension of AI technology upon existing product line as stated in Google’s strategic approach to evolve from Mobile First to AI First. Bestboard was thus found a combination of significantly less bug, better usability, reliable stability, design consistency and safety to reach for better user experience with outstanding performance. On top of that, a surprising extent shows the cross application and cross system sustainability in the implementation of digital whiteboard, wireless sharing, remote conference and other meeting scenarios associated with meeting ecology.

5. Intel® 8th Generation CoreTM i7 Processsor

The core engine of Bestboard is nothing but Intel® 8th Generation CoreTM i5 and i7 Processor, coupled with Hisilicon Dual-Core A76+ and Quad-Core A53 1.5GHz high speed processor, leading at the front tier with exceptional performance improvement. Owing to Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, Bestboard impresses the world with its super processing power and magnificent response time. Also, Intel® ThunderboltTM upgraded the data transmission speed and allows instant switching among multiple concurrent applications, accessing and/or editing image file and video clips, and the demonstration of 4K 360 degree HD presentation.

6. Screen Sharing Up to 9 Devices in Android And Unlimited in Windows

Bestboard is used as the spine of the intelligent meeting room, where all mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet, or computer, through the use of a WiFi Sharer dongle or EShare application, are able to share their screen onto Bestboard. This sharing also supports two-way touch and handwriting features for annotation, saving, scan to go and minutes sharing, with the scenario of up to 40-point touch. Such a sharing features up to 9 concurrent client devices in Android system, and no limitation in Windows, with high speed file upload, bi-direction operation and annotation. A further approach involves the support of up to 300 participants for one remote video conference in the wake of sharing and remote video conference software, where screen and control operation can both be shared. This breaks up the geographic limitation and pushes the range of interest up to a boundless universe.

In the future, Bestboard will keep taking the lead in the launch of intelligent meeting platform products with performance and visions.
Wendy cs