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As the demand for quality display expands exceedingly, the next level product trend is looming, and the advanced intelligent production line is being built ready to take the lead.
Just recently, Sinocan’s Full Lamination Capacitive Touch Bonding has been set ready to flourish, boasting a daily production capacity as 50 pieces in the case of 86” products, aiming hopefully at 120 up to 200 pieces per day very soon, and is being predicted to reach a quantity of 6000 pieces on a monthly basis, which is considered to be good to cover the existing market demand and some OEM projects, taking the lead of Full Lamination Capacitive Touch Bonding and shining the brand of Sinocan at the same time.
As the market changes took places incessantly, Sinocan invested heaps of resources on the development of Full Lamination Bonding, and has come up with solutions for complicated production technology, strict production environment, low yield rate, high return/repair cost, and determining the root cause in case of any malfunction. Such a bonding technology helps to support the implementation of compactness and slim edge of our products such as the intelligent meeting platform and the All-In-One. This technology enables Sinocan’s farming capability, rapidly moving a product from lab to production, with constant improvements implemented even throughout the production, setting the leading standard of environment for Full Lamination Bonding production.
The new Full Lamination Capacitive Touch Production Line could help to save man power by up to 10%, with also efficiency improved by 30% and quality boosted by 40%.
Advantages of deploying the new production line has proved capable of resolving those critical issues for large panel products, such as reflections between the display panel and tempered glass, disqualified display sharpness, and narrow viewing angle. Also, user’s experience over touch screen function has been upgraded by minimizing the gap between panel and glass, removing the air gap, eliminating object and vaper, and reducing the distance between touch module and panel, etc.

All these add up to the 5 major features as of increased brightness and reduced bounced light, vapor-proof and anti-dust, reduced parallax, durability and stability, and sleek slimness with stylish elegance. In a nut shell, the panel and glass are ultimately adhered together, where no air layer is present to keep any vapor and dust, reinforcing the display quality and optimizing the writing experience by facilitating the movement of active touch pen.
With such a technology behind the slimness, elegance, and quality, Sinocan has successfully connected with many corporates and listed companies, with many of them being banking corporations taking in around half a million sets of Sinocan dual touch products, reaching far out to USA, Europe, and south eastern areas. The overall application coverage, in conjunction with office automation, centralization, and smart home systems, have been spread out to the
corners of office, healthcare, education, and banking, improving the communication efficiency to better collaboration.
Following what is laid out by “Made In China 2025” slogan, Sinocan sets the ground by innovation and implementation, offering users tailored intelligent meeting platform products and video conferencing system, levering customer’s leading position, and boosting the development of intelligent production market. Sinocan’s intelligent meeting platform, with Full Lamination Bonding that integrates touch function, display platform, and controller into a perfect sleek enclosure, is a station that allows writing, drawing, and annotation, etc., along with multiple screen presentation, screen sharing, remote conference to introduce the all new interaction experience. We are ready to go for more production capacity with more demands in the queue. For more information, please visit, or call 400-660-0060.
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