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InfoComm, the largest and most exciting event in North America focused on the pro-AV industry, with 1,000 exhibitors, thousands of products, and 44,000 attendees from 110 countries, was officially launched in Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando Florida, USA, from June 12th to June 14th. Bestboard, the leading innovator of intelligent business meeting platform, had introduced an outstanding and sensational presentation.

Such a Bestboard intelligent device accentuated itself throughout the show, where visitors from all around the world were amazed by this supreme prominence, an integration of numberless ingenious future technology. With many comparing the overall demonstration simply to a piece of fine technology art, it was imaginable that Bestboard shall inaugurate from this show a sweeping campaign and plant into numerous business entities that seed of experiencing the best of “Efficient Collaboration and Outstanding Innovative Share”.

1. Designer’s Manifestation, Following No One – The 4K Display Meeting System with Full Lamination
Owing to the super-slim panel with Full Lamination that introduced high quality bonding technology to build that critical isolation layer air, moisture, and dust, etc., visitors are said to nearly admire the touching and inspiring design of slimness and sleekness.

On the other hand, the display quality was also enhanced to achieve 88.9% panel ratio, 3840*2160 resolution, 4K HD standard, and anti-glare. All these shall contribute to a guaranteed clear and comfortable display output even in bright day light - no curtain assistance during the day and no reflection against night light.

2. Intelligent and Interactive, Remote Collaboration – A Leading Intelligent Interactive Whiteboard
Bestboard Intelligent Business Meeting Platform offers the leading intelligent interactive whiteboard feature that could be impeccably paired up with wireless screen sharer, OPS, active pen to support a great number of new applications such as intelligent display, HMI, whiteboard writing, remote collaboration, data sharing, screen mirroring, multiple screen share, and up to the development of advanced functions that shall meet the various forms of meeting requirements as of collaboration from multiple parties as well as bi-directional operations.
A shimmering feature sculpted in the active pen is the capability of dual-pen operation with Original Handwriting annotation with choices of color, pen-tip, and background; built-in 8 auto-recognized written shape that can be selected with one click; inserted object can be edited; slide the screen to erase the whole screen; and add additional page intelligently as well as scan content to share.

2. Legendary Functions - Powerful Integrated System Applications
The charming nature of Bestboard integrated functions seize visitors so effortlessly for the fact that the product is designed to facilitate users as a substitute for multiple devices, such as projector, PC, TV, Digital Whiteboard, camera, microphone, and remote video conference. The built-in dual-OS, Android 8.0 and Windows-10, can be configured for instant switching with fast boot up, supporting concurrent screen mirroring from 9 different devices such as computer, smartphone, and tablet, etc.

Bestboard is perfect for scenarios including Remote Conference, Intelligent Classroom, Remote Clinic, Banking VIP Room, Advertising, and Enterprise Showroom.

Through the contest with competitors in this arena of InfoComm 2019 USA, Bestboard intelligent business meeting platform showcased the future technology which achieved a phenomenal operation experience with high efficiency, convenience, and easiness. Such was therefore appreciated by most visitors from all around the world and was exceptionally lifted up to a different level of competence.
InfoComm 2019 ended on June 14th, and was also when Sinocan announced firmly to the world the Chinese advanced technology over the intelligent business meeting platform product. It is always Sinocan’s commitment to provide intelligent business meeting products and comprehensive business solution based on contemporary professions, customer’s demand, innovative technology, and quality service, etc. Our future lays on the next step of such intelligent business meeting platform for another higher efficiency to achieve, for better and greater dream product and service.

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