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Sinocan was honored as vice president of Shenzhen smart retail informationize association  on 19th March, and was awarded at banquet of 2nd China smart retail informationize expo & high-end forum. Since the establishment, Shenzhen smart retail informationize association has been actively pushing the existing retail industry to be intelligent and informationize with IoT platform, helping enterprises reduce trial and error costs when they try on new media, new channels and new technologies, which can successfully stimulated manufacturing logistics, and modern service industries to grow rapidly through smart retail, promoted cross-industry cooperation.  Sinocan will uphold the association principle, actively promote for the whole Shenzhen retail industry transformation and technologies of smart retail, thinking development, and contribute itself to the smart retail development in China.

Awarding ceremony of “Vice President” of association (Sinocan representative: Left 1) 

China retail industry experienced three great revolutions. The earlier two revolutions were physical retail and virtual retail.  Smart retail will lead the third revolution of global retail industry, and China is sure to be the dominant player of the third retail revolution. The so-called smart retail which perceives consumption habit, forecasts consumer trends, guides production and manufacturing, provides various and personal products and services for consumers through using technologies of internet and IoT platform. To implement smart retail in IoT platform , we need to make machines “smart” which  relies on intelligent consumer display and all kinds of application of technologies, to strengthen the biggest advantage of traditional retail stores----user experience. Using more means to build shipping fields, making consumers have fun during shopping.
As vice president of Shenzhen smart retail informationize association, facing the new revolution and rapid development of global retail industry, Sinocan will follow closely in the smart retail trend , besides continuing to study deeply in all kinds of mobile smart retail terminals, Sinocan will concentrate more on continual innovation in the field of intelligent consumer displays, like launching large size touch displays covering such sizes as 32”、43”、55”、65”、75”、86”. The products are with electromagnetic and capacitive liquid crystal module, which can be combined for different touch applications and accompanied with projector, audio, video, and other multimedia devices to provide with all functions in one, is sure to bring a brand new user experience. 
In the future, Sinocan will continuously contribute itself to the development of global retail industry by exploring a big variety of products to follow the step of industry revolution closely, unlocking deep integration between products and commercial operation, and refreshing intelligent and cutting-edge innovations.
Wendy cs