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All banking organizations would always care to honor their valued customers by having them crowned with title of VIP, and in that what matters nowadays lays on what to use for all the meetings other than where to host them. Many of these banking VIPs are privileged with shimmering meeting rooms where, if prepped up with only a legacy projector and a digital whiteboard, setting up a proper tone for the imminent session could become an absurdity touched up with obsolescence.

interactive touch panel

It is therefore a question as to how to drown all the discredits and have the corporate identity reset to an impressive and convincing version? Now, Bestboard could be one of the solutions, by that many out there are able to deliver an instant upgrade up to awe-inspiring effect for all the styling elegancy and intelligent technology there is to show.

interactive display board

 1. Advanced AI and Face Recognition Technology

The number of members of any banking organization is by nature massive, and managing or even distinguishing each one of them from such an immeasurable database is no doubt challenging. Reception is by all means the battlefield of such a task, and the depth of this confrontation will be enormously multiplied with the frequent alternation of its staff. Where Bestboard comes into rescue is to leverage the latest AI and Face Recognition technology in the searching, collecting, and verification of human face features against the huge VIP membership database (as whitelist) or blacklist to retrieve all the information, such as investment preference, of the member which was identified in such an iteration. This could allow further pull of such membership information or push of any marketing promotion. In this way, a preferred way of communication and service could be offered immediately to the VIP member to demonstrate a better quality of service and privilege.

2. Stunning visual experience

The native super-slim HD 4K display is your own home theatre, each word carried out crystal clear, each image presented naturally, and each sound perfectly played. 


3. Efficient Interactive Operation

Bestboard allows concurrent screen sharing, through the use of hand gesture or active pen, to achieve presenting business plan or product promotion. With P-Cap plus EMR Dual Touch enabled, users are able to write, zoom-in/out, move text/picture and change font/color, etc. Client devices such as smartphone, tablet, and computer are all popular participants in such an interaction, where no sharing, annotation or instant communication would be left out in the demonstration of this beautiful intelligence. Besides, the so-called scan-to-have feature allows instant wrapping up the information of interest straight away, rather than taking away print-out with unnecessary extra cost.  

interactive board

4. Remote Video Conference

The remote video conference feature delivers a meeting to the effect of zero-delay communication, as if having a physical, face-to-face meeting for all the participants located at different places.

interactive board

5. A New Banking Ecology With Privileged Quality

Bestboard is able to take over the entire existing banking process for its outsmarting a computer with better features, responding faster than a legacy banking touch system, and completing more jobs than a dedicated device. Imagine to use the preset program on Bestboard to show meeting reservation, offer consultation, and complete transaction to reach immediate decision and order with deal closed up and future cooperation settled in just seconds.

interactive board device

Bestboard, owing to the features such as easy operation, no deployment effort, large HD resolution, and capability to incorporate multiple devices, is also a quick shortcut to fully upgrade the meeting/demo room for banking business to become the next generation banking service provider. Such a renovation serves a perfect VIP room to catch up with valued customers and host regular internal meeting, especially with the feature of automatic sign-in to guarantee outstanding security. It certainly is an ideal apparatus to be introduced for business center or head quarter for better centralized management and communication.

In a nutshell, Bestboard cast a next level of vision in banking, diligently quarrying the heavily weighed coal mine of business that turns into a glittering harvest of diamond. Sinocan, being the first solution provider of P-Cap and EMR Dual Touch to offer such display solution to many banking magnates, such as BOC, ICBC, CCB, ABCHINA, BANKCOMM, CITICBANK, and SPDB, etc. since 2014, has won numberless dazzling campaigns in the promotion of such touch solution in the banking arena, and is in the full on mode to defend this crown of banking Dual Touch, in the hope to lead the supporting herald in this domain.

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